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    127th Canton Fair Online

    Time:2020-06-15 View:0

    Time: Jun. 15th, to 24th, 2020Link:https://ex.cantonfair.org.cn/pc/en/exhibitor/4ab00000-005f-5254-0b86-08d7ed779f71or searchExhibit: friction stay, friction hinge, handleExhibitor: AURICA…

    Time:2018-03-16 View:0


    Time:2018-03-16 View:0

    Aluminium Doors and Windows and Glass Walls Industry Trend Analysis in Maturity Phase

    Time:2017-07-12 View:0

    In the experts’ opinion, in the following few years, the industry will be in the stable phase, and the market will show eight features.Steady growthAlthough the government is surpressing the rea…
    Failed to Lessen Aluminium Capacity, the Aluminium Fabricating Industry Faces Severe Challenges

    Time:2017-07-12 View:0

    In July, aluminum price had a temporary rebounce under the favorable expectation of the aluminum capacity limitation, relief of the domestic liquidity crisis, and the rise of overseas risk pr…
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